Habituel / Morphological

Phil and Donna Sexton wanted a space to amalgamate their passions under the same roof, and in a way that smoothly transitioned between the two.

Combine crusty bread, canelé and coffee with stunning kids clothing and voila you have the clever collaboration between Phil Sexton of Giant Steps winery and his wife Donna Sexton, an experienced children’s clothing designer and maker. The sumptuous ‘Habitual’ bakery resides on the ground floor, with a short walk up the stairs to a sun-drenched studio that houses ‘Morphological’: Donna’s beautiful Children’s clothing shop that is a perfect curation of pieces sourced from Europe as well has her own beautifully crafted pieces.

Our aim was to retain the industrial bones of the building, with its steel balustrades and sawing glazing, whilst introducing a clean, tailored, warm aesthetic to the interiors

A palette of blues, charcoal, wood and white combined with crisp, metal custom made lighting and joinery by Paul Grummisch of Please Please Please , provides a polished edge to the warm timbers and vintage furniture pieces.

To finish the deliciousness off, we designed a long wall bench running along the outside wall, allowing people to soak up the sunshine whilst enjoying their morning coffee.