Rustica High Point

For our second foray into the world of ‘Rustica Bakeries’, we once again set out to create an Oasis amongst the unrelenting, frenetic energy of a shopping centre. The location this time was Highpoint shopping centre.

In amongst the very “Shopping Centre” type aesthetic, we wanted to transplant in a little Street-side, café culture vibe. A feeling of your local, café on the corner.

The colour palate is a restrained play between the rich earthiness of clay and the calming nature of oceanic blue. All the finishes are as delicious as the food on offer. Crunchy, cookie-like terrazzo counter top, deep rich syrupy timber floors, combined with walls and chairs as inviting as the most sumptuous frostings.

Once again, we were lucky to collaborate with the talented Paul Grummisch from ‘Please Please Please’, who designed for us the custom lighting, bread display shelves and the heart of the place, a spectacular communal table for feasting on.

So take a break from the retail storm and indulge in an array of freshly baked sourdough, pastries, coffee.

-2018-11-05 Cafe Rustica-4560-1

-2018-11-05 Cafe Rustica-4569-1

-2018-11-05 Cafe Rustica-4573



-2018-11-05 Cafe Rustica-4509-1

-2018-11-05 Cafe Rustica-4529-1

-2018-11-05 Cafe Rustica-4534-1

-2018-11-05 Cafe Rustica-4541-1

Photographer: Eugene Hyland