Rustica Bakery

Rustica is one of the most successful and recognised bakery-cafes in Melbourne, so we were thrilled to be able to deliver our fresh take on their brand-new Melbourne central location.

Each Rustica location serves up contemporary dishes, breads and pastries made with the finest locally sourced ingredients and each location features it’s own distinct flair.

Found within busy Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, Rustica’s latest location is enveloped by the frantic nature of modern life. Our main aim therefore, was to imbue the space with a sense of calm. To essentially make it an oasis in amongst the chaos and noise of the city. Our most effective tools to achieve this was through the use of colour, light and clean design.

Within the bright, loud, clashing colours of a shopping centre we pared back our palette to an array of soft fleshy, tonal pinks. By minimising the scope of colour in this way, the space feels quiet and serene, especially in comparison to its frenetic surrounding. To heighten this nurturing feeling we eliminated all sharp edges, rounding off every joinery piece. This curviness extends throughout the space, including seating, tables, dado lines on walls and even feature lighting. The careful use of materials augments this, as there are no hard, flat surfaces, instead we incorporated creamy renders and buttery leather-like vinyls.

The use of lighting was another key to creating a sanctuary within the shopping centre. The main illumination within Rustica comes from custom timber wall lights by Please Please Please which throw soft pools of light over the dining areas.

A stand out feature, is the rounded, monolithic front counter that travels throughout the space and literally pushes through the front window, extending a welcome to passers-by. This is the epicentre of deliciousness and needs an interior designed to be an incredible backdrop for the café’s true heroes; the bread, cakes and coffee.

So, shop up a storm, then drop in for a life-saving latte, a sneaky sweet and a restorative deep breath.














Photographer: Nicole England